Destination Focus: Madagascar

Miavana Tsingy Rouge Madagascar

New Project Known as the land in a forgotten sea, Madagascar remains off-the-beaten-track in terms of African travel. The fourth largest island on earth, and considered one of the greatest biodiversity regions in the world, Madagascar is home to incredible endemic wildlife across a wide range of untouched natural environments – ranging from rainforests to […]

The Role of Helicopters at AMADI

Sunguta Sand Dunes Helicopter

New Project Helicopter travel plays a large part in the trips that we put together at AMADI. We truly believe that travelling by helicopter significantly elevates the overall adventure travel experience and results in distinct and unmatched journeys. We’ve shared the reasons why below. Unlocking Inaccessible Frontiers Helis open-up geographies that are either inaccessible or […]

Raphael’s Recent Adventures

Raphael's Recent Adventures

New Project As someone working in travel, it’s imperative that I spend a lot of time on the ground. Doing so ensures that I’m able to thoroughly discover, uncover and, in turn, share my findings with our clients.  Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the travel I’ve done this year: places I’ve visited, […]

What Luxury Means to Us

New Project Luxury is a word that, despite being overused, still carries a lot of meaning in the travel world. As overused words can lose their meaning and potency, and because we feel we are now in an era of ‘new luxury’, we wanted to share what luxury means to us, and to me. Silence […]

Destination Focus: Chad

New Project At AMADI we are continually inspired by, and interested in, new frontiers. By this, we mean locations that are becoming more amenable to foreign travel, but which maintain strong elements of adventure, discovery and excitement – as well as small tourist numbers. In line with our clients, we love destinations that push us […]

Design Focus

New Project A question we ask ourselves time and time again when we stay in hotels, villas, lodges and tented camps across Africa; when it comes to design and architecture, what exactly is it that distinguishes the good from the bad? For us, properties with good architecture and design are those that blend with their […]

Slow Safaris

New Project As somebody who believes in doing things in a considered way, the concept of a ‘slow safari’ is something I have been thinking about for some time – and have been wanting to share with you. Pioneered ten years ago by Fabia Bausch, one of the founders of Chem Chem Safaris in Tanzania, […]

The Okavango Delta

New Project A true wonder of nature, The Okavango Delta is unlike anywhere in Africa, or indeed, on earth. Located in Botswana, and spanning an impressive 15,000 square kilometers, it is the largest inland delta in the world. Comprised of rivers, marshlands and islands, this incredibly unique ecosystem – and striking landscape – is formed […]

AMADI x Bridges for Music

New Project As many of you know, one of my core beliefs is that travel has the potential to do incredible good. I set up AMADI in order to put this belief into practice; to help create impact that is felt across natural environments, ecosystems, peoples and cultures. For this reason, AMADI works closely with several impact […]

An Epic East African Adventure

New Project I started AMADI to offer access; access to an Africa that I have personally experienced and want to share with others. Access to unique individuals, experiences and locations. Access whilst also creating positive impact, so that every trip is giving back to a continent that I respect, admire and care about, while creating […]