Net-positive travel: if done well, travel is an incredibly powerful force for positive change. It has a profoundly positive impact on the wildlife, wilderness and communities in the destinations that you visit.

Africa is home to some of the last true wilderness areas on this planet. Without action, future generations will not have the privilege of witnessing them as we do today. We believe that travel-driven conservation can play a significant role in protecting these vulnerable ecosystems.

In order to make our impact more tangible, AMADI has decided to pursue the following actions:

One Percent

To play our part in the value chain, we put 1% of our revenue aside for projects we know are having real impact.


In a world of green-washing, we work hard to create more transparency for our guests. We calculate the carbon footprint of each itinerary we create and clearly highlight the cause of emissions. Furthermore, we calculate the direct positive impact that each trip contributes by highlighting the funds that flow directly into conservation, communities and national parks.

Carbon Neutral

From the outset, AMADI has been carbon neutral. Using our AMADI Impact Calculator, we calculate the emissions of each client trip, as well as our own emissions. All emissions are then offset.


AMADI has joined forces with a selection of like-minded partners doing impactful work. We are a founding member of The Conscious Travel Foundation, a Travel Partner of The Long Run and a signee of Tourism Declares. The majority of our 1% gets channeled into initiatives from our partners.

When travelling with us, you are contributing to our ethos of uplifting communities and preserving the planet; its natural wonders, last remaining wild landscapes and endangered wildlife.


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