About us

About us

AMADI is a purpose-led venture committed to a more respectful, conscious and uplifting way of travel. Blending luxury and adventure, we create one-of-kind journeys that offer unparalleled access to the African subcontinent. Led by a passionate group of intrepid explorers and beauty-seekers, we are driven by a mission to create lasting impact through travel. 


AMADI has a wealth of knowledge in luxury African exploration, as well as strong connections on the ground. Our team uses these assets to curate trips that offer stand-out experiences across multiple destinations and push the boundaries of what is possible. Trips are designed to inspire and make travellers aware of the complex issues around conservation, climate and biodiversity in today’s world.


Our clients are curious, conscious world-travellers who understand complexity. They want to explore, discover. learn and, in turn, make a difference. AMADI travellers are those that get a thrill from expertly crafted trips that offer access and experience unlike any other. 


When travelling with us, you are contributing to our ethos of uplifting communities and preserving the planet; its natural wonders, last remaining wild landscapes and endangered wildlife. We believe in empowering people to make a positive impact on the continent’s destinations and communities.


We want travel to be a positive experience for all involved, at every step of the chain. For this reason, we only work with suppliers that benefit African ecosystems, wildlife and communities and support conservation efforts. To create lasting impact, a full circle of engagement between AMADI, our partners and our travellers is required.

We pride ourselves on working with the most remarkable and unique industry partners who continue to work towards carbon neutrality and zero waste. It’s essential that our partners intrinsically believe in the same values of conscious tourism that we do.

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