In Celebration of the African Leopard

African Leopard

New Project One of the biggest draws of any trip to Africa is almost always the wildlife. The vast and wonderful species that call this continent home are some of the most iconic in the world.  The African leopard is a predator as powerful as it is elegant. Considered the most majestic cat in the […]

Ol Jogi: One of the most exclusive places in Africa

Ol Jogi Kenya

New Project Offering peak exclusivity and personalised hospitality in equal measure, Ol Jogi is a private estate located on its own conservancy. If you want Laikipia, arguably Kenya’s most scenic region, all to yourselves, this is the way to do it. One of the ways to be sure you won’t cross other guests or vehicles while […]

Destination Focus: The Makgadikgadi

Makgadikgadi Horse Riding

New Project The biggest salt pans in the world – covering an area of over 15,000 km2 – Botswana’s Makgadikgadi region is, quite simply, unlike anywhere else on earth.  Less than an hour’s flight from Maun, this landscape was once a lake larger than Switzerland and as lush as the Okavango Delta. Tens of thousands […]

Destination Focus: The Lower Zambezi

New Project Considered the most magical river in Africa, the Zambezi River flows through six different countries before it reaches the sea. Two of these, Zambia and Zimbabwe, are home to an enigmatic region known as the Lower Zambezi. For some, this landscape may be familiar; on the Zambian side lies the Lower Zambezi National […]

Destination Focus: Namibia

New Project Unique is a much-overused term, but really the only adjective that does justice to Namibia. With the look and feel of planet Mars, Namibia remains truly otherworldly. A country all about vast, open landscapes, dusty red earth, soil and rocks dominate the imagination. Incomparable to any other, Namibia is a completely stand-alone destination; […]

Back from Botswana

Safari Lodge Botswana AMADI Journeys

New Project Regular travel to the African continent allows me to ensure that the destinations, experiences and properties we recommend remain as special as they were when we initially discovered them – as well as learning about what is new and worthwhile since my last visit. Last month saw me travel to Botswana’s Okavango Delta […]

Destination Focus: Madagascar

Chameleon Madagascar

New Project Known as the land in a forgotten sea, Madagascar remains off-the-beaten-track in terms of African travel. The fourth largest island on earth, and considered one of the greatest biodiversity regions in the world, Madagascar is home to incredible endemic wildlife across a wide range of untouched natural environments – ranging from rainforests to […]

The Role of Helicopters at AMADI

Helicopter Experience Okavango Delta

New Project Helicopter travel plays a large part in the trips that we put together at AMADI. We truly believe that travelling by helicopter significantly elevates the overall adventure travel experience and results in distinct and unmatched journeys. We’ve shared the reasons why below. Unlocking Inaccessible Frontiers Helis open-up geographies that are either inaccessible or […]

Raphael’s Recent Adventures

Raphael's Recent Adventures

New Project As someone working in travel, it’s imperative that I spend a lot of time on the ground. Doing so ensures that I’m able to thoroughly discover, uncover and, in turn, share my findings with our clients.  Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the travel I’ve done this year: places I’ve visited, […]

What Luxury Means to Us

New Project Luxury is a word that, despite being overused, still carries a lot of meaning in the travel world. As overused words can lose their meaning and potency, and because we feel we are now in an era of ‘new luxury’, we wanted to share what luxury means to us, and to me. Silence […]