Slow Safaris

As somebody who believes in doing things in a considered way, the concept of a ‘slow safari’ is something I have been thinking about for some time – and have been wanting to share with you.

Pioneered ten years ago by Fabia Bausch, one of the founders of Chem Chem Safaris in Tanzania, the ethos of a slow safari is where guests have freedom over their time and their days in the bush; at leisure to properly relax, enjoy, immerse in and engage with the environments they are visiting.

Over the years, I’ve began to appreciate spending more time in one place; resisting FOMO and rushing, to instead immerse myself in the joy of living in nature. One begins to understand the constant movement of nature, realizing its dynamic and intricate dance only when you allow yourself to sit still. This is an experience that simply cannot be captured on a fast-paced itinerary.

For me, slow safaris are about creating more space to truly experience the magic of the natural world and letting go of the temptation to rush from one activity to the next.

It means waking up in the tranquility of your room, savouring the gentle morning light and sipping a cup of coffee as you open the curtains to take-in breathtaking vistas. A slow safari allows you to embrace the moment; whether that’s reading, writing your journal, engaging in deep conversations with your travel partner… or just being.

The world got used to a slower pace of life during the pandemic, but it feels as if things have accelerated again; people returning to the check-list mentality of travel, trying to achieve as much as possible in one trip – thereby cramming days full and returning exhausted. At AMADI we curate trips that maintain that calm and tranquility many of us experienced during that unusual time – an unexpected positive outcome from a difficult period.

Slow safaris are not limited to a specific type of traveller. Whether you’re a family, a couple or an individual seeking mindfulness in action, this concept applies to all. Our carefully chosen properties are much more than just bases for game drives – they offer additional layers to your safari experiences, whether that’s through landscapes, wellness, food or culture.

If this has inspired you to go on your own slow safari, please send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be delighted to help. Alternatively, browse the full range of AMADI destinations here.

Photo credits: Thanks to Belmond, Chem Chem Safaris, Great Plains Conservation, Natural Selection, Segera, Singita and Wolwedans.