New Frontiers in African Travel

At AMADI, we get excited about new frontiers; travelling to destinations that remain unexplored and unknown by most. Today we wanted to share a handful of destinations that we consider to be the new frontiers of African travel (and beyond).

Spanning volcanic lakes, meteorite craters, tropical rainforests, ancient deserts, ice plateaus and endangered species, our selection showcases the incredible diversity of this continent – and how much remains to be discovered and experienced, however well-travelled you are.

Keep reading to explore our selection. We hope that it inspires you to travel off-the-beaten track sometime soon.

It’s rare to find a destination that is so rich in what it can offer, yet so few people know anything about. Chad is home to vast sandstone deserts, lush oasis, ancient pyramids, meteorite craters, neolithic paintings and national parks teeming with wildlife that ranges from camels and giraffes to elephants and crocodiles. Managed by African Parks, a visit to the country must include time at Zakouma National Park, a safe haven for Central and West African wildlife.

For those after a unique gorilla experience, add The Republic of Congo to your wish list (not to be confused with Democratic Republic of Congo DRC). Enjoy 7 – 11 day journeys through Odzala-Kokoua National Park, situated in the world’s second-largest rainforest, the Congo Basin. A philanthropic project set up by Sabine Plattner, the experience also allows access to Western Lowland Gorillas. Then venture further afield to discover volcanic craters, lakes and vast plains.

A destination for those after rich natural capital, it can seem like Gabon has it all. Whether you’re looking for hippos, gorillas, humpback and killer whales or elephants frolicking on the beach, the country can deliver. Landscapes vary from savannah, tropical jungle, forests and mangroves to pristine white sand beaches with not a soul in sight.

The country that offers the best forest elephant experience in Africa? Central African Republic, hand’s down. Combine a trip to Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve with time in Odzala. A highlight includes spending the day on the research platform at Dzanga Bai, observing the diverse wildlife activity from this remote opening nestled deep within the forest.

Although of course not Africa, we couldn’t resist including Antarctica – a new frontier in global travel as a whole. Due to private flight connections, this exciting destination is easily accessible from Cape Town by air; there’s no longer any need to go through Drake Passage by boat. We can arrange trips that take you all the way down to the South Pole. It doesn’t get much off the-the-beaten-track than this.

If you want your next holiday to be in one of Africa’s new frontiers, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call on +41 (79) 731 00 06.