One of the least visited countries in the world, landlocked Central Africa Republic (CAR) is emerging as an eco-tourism destination, placing it on the wish list for seasoned more adventurous travellers.

Characterised by hot and wet climates on both sides of the Equator, the geography of the Central African Republic is vast and flat with scattered hills and is largely dominated by the Sudano-Guinean savannah and equatorial forest. Once shrouded by rampant poaching, the Chinko Nature Reserve is now a protected area and an important freshwater system formed by two major rivers. Under the joint management of the government and African Parks, the success story has seen Chinko expand successfully to be placed under long-term protection.

The once-elusive and nearly extinct elephant population is returning, as are predators, including lions, hyaenas and wild dog populations which are on the rise. A rich diversity of fish species has even been documented. The Dzanga-Ndoki National Park and Dzanga-Sangha are other reserves dedicated to the protection of CAR’s dense forests.

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