Destination Focus: Chad

At AMADI we are continually inspired by, and interested in, new frontiers. By this, we mean locations that are becoming more amenable to foreign travel, but which maintain strong elements of adventure, discovery and excitement – as well as small tourist numbers.

In line with our clients, we love destinations that push us out of our comfort zones and help us to discover, learn and grow. Offering a true sense of remoteness that is hard to find in more established places, Chad is one of those destinations.

Currently only visited by a small number of adventure-focussed travellers, Chad is for those looking for trips filled with big, dramatic landscapes full of contrasts, untouched wildernesses, impressive wildlife and biodiversity and interesting, and surprising, ancient cultures.

Highlights include Saharan oases, the glittering blue Lake Chad, Ennedi and Zakouma national parks (both unique, but when combined makes for a truly incredible experience), prehistoric rock art, archaeological sites, several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and wildlife that includes many of the big five. To give you a sense of the scale, solely the Ennedi Massif covers a landmass similar to that of Switzerland.

Different from many safari destinations, the best time to travel to Chad is between December and March, making it a one-of-a-kind winter sun destination for those based in the Northern Hemisphere. If this appeals, journey to Chad with our gallery below.

Photo credits: Thank you to  SVS Chad.

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