The Role of Helicopters at AMADI

Helicopter travel plays a large part in the trips that we put together at AMADI. We truly believe that travelling by helicopter significantly elevates the overall adventure travel experience and results in distinct and unmatched journeys. We’ve shared the reasons why below.

Helicopters in Kenya Sand Dunes AMADI

Unlocking Inaccessible Frontiers

Helis open-up geographies that are either inaccessible or very difficult to reach by any other mode of transport (especially when travel time is limited). They are the key to reaching remote and untouched landscapes – and immersing you within the earth’s remaining true wildernesses, a million miles away from the crowds.

Diverse Landscapes

Travelling by heli also allows you to see so much in a very short amount of time, with relative ease and comfort. For example, in Northern Kenya, a helicopter expedition of just a couple of days can feel as if you’ve visited several countries, due to the remarkable diversity of the landscapes witnessed from above, and on the ground.

Unforgettable Memories

We work to curate journeys that leave a lasting impact, and helicopter expeditions consistently stand out as our client’s most cherished memories. These experiences are the ones that remain in peoples’ minds and are, almost always, the highlight of their trip. This also has a beneficial effect, because the more you remember and enjoy a destination, the more you want to protect it long after you’ve returned home.

Helicopter Experiences, Africa, AMADI

A lot Of Fun

There’s also the aspect that this is a really fun way to travel; there’s an undeniable thrill to helicopter expeditions. When discovering uncharted territories – where potentially no one has ever travelled before – every moment is an adventure and feels like a true frontier experience.

With our focus on impact and conservation-based travel, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. Every AMADI trip includes comprehensive measures to offset carbon emissions and minimize our ecological footprint.

AMADI Helicopter Okavango Delta

We are committed to a model of tourism that values the environment and supports the regions we visit. As we organize a limited number of highly-curated trips, our impact is light-touch in terms of numbers on the ground and remains minimal overall. We believe that high-spend, low-impact travel is the best way to do this. By prioritizing meaningful experiences over mass tourism that stresses environments and communities, we work to directly contribute to the destinations we explore.

Helicopter Horizons - Okavango Delta

Photo credits: Thanks to Helicopter Horizons, Natural Selection and Tropic Air Kenya.

If you’re interested in learning more about travel through Africa by helicopter please get in touch at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.