The Okavango Delta

A true wonder of nature, The Okavango Delta is unlike anywhere in Africa, or indeed, on earth. Located in Botswana, and spanning an impressive 15,000 square kilometers, it is the largest inland delta in the world. Comprised of rivers, marshlands and islands, this incredibly unique ecosystem – and striking landscape – is formed by the annual merging of two water sources.

The first is the area’s rains, which fall between November and April and run into the low-lying basin, flooding it. The second is the rains that fall on the Angolan Highlands in January and February, which then flow 1,200km down into the delta – meaning they arrive into Botswana at around April and May. As they merge, these two sources create a utopia of lushness that is a testament to the miraculous power of water.

A fragile ecosystem constantly hanging in balance, this influx of water transforms the barren landscape into a thriving oasis, attracting and nurturing life in abundance. Here, you witness the purity and pristine beauty that only water brings; a uniqueness that sets The Okavango Delta apart from other major African wildlife destinations like Kruger and the Serengeti.

The Delta also offers ways to experience wildlife and nature like nowhere else in Africa. Whether on foot, on the water or on game drives, you feel immersed in a world of incredible diversity. As you navigate the floodplains, through reeds and water lilies and past lone palm trees, it can feel like entering the Garden of Eden.

What also contributes to this feeling, and makes the Okavango Delta truly remarkable, is the way that tourism is managed. With the emphasis on private and community concessions and strict limitations on the number of beds that can be built, mass tourism is avoided – preserving the pristine nature of the delta and allowing for a more intimate and exclusive experience. 

We hope you enjoy the inspiration below. For those of you traveling soon: this year the arrival of annual floods was delayed, with the waters reaching the delta only in late May and even early June. As a result, certain concessions offering mokoro boating experiences will occur later in the season.

Photo credits: Thank you to  Great Plains Convseration, Natural Selection and  Xigera.

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