Ol Jogi: One of the most exclusive places in Africa

Offering peak exclusivity and personalised hospitality in equal measure, Ol Jogi is a private estate located on its own conservancy.

If you want Laikipia, arguably Kenya’s most scenic region, all to yourselves, this is the way to do it. One of the ways to be sure you won’t cross other guests or vehicles while out on a game drive is to stay at this unique and otherworldly property that has become iconic in the African safari world.

Ol Jogi Canyon

Ol Jogi Conservancy measures 58,000 acres and has just one exclusive-use property. This is a game reserve that accepts one booking at a time.

Centred around conservation, this high-end family-owned and privately-run property will appeal to those who want to experience the wildness and vastness of Africa, while doing so in a way that offers certainty that your stay is bringing positive impact to the wider region.

Ol Jogi giraffe

The Ol Jogi conservancy was created over 40 years ago, with the aim of preserving natural habitats in a responsible manner. Not in any way a commercial venture, all profits are injected directly back into conservation efforts and local initiatives; across the environment, its wildlife and a veterinary clinic. Ol Jogi’s raison d’etre is to protect and restore this piece of land and the people and animals that call it home; you feel that this is the priority across everything they do.

With this in mind, they have developed a multi-faceted approach which encompasses preserving critically endangered species and providing them with the best medical support possible, restoring degraded natural habitats, providing a much-needed education platform and working closely with neighboring communities so that they can perceive a direct benefit from wildlife and natural landscapes.

Ol Jogi rescue rhino

The conservancy is also home to more than 100 rhinos, in addition to the single largest number of the critically-endangered Grevy’s Zebra, with approximately 16% of the world’s remaining population living on the property. Ol Jogi provides a much-needed habitat and breeding ground for many critically endangered species.

The on-site Veterinary Clinic provides some of the very best veterinary care for wildlife in East Africa. The Ol Jogi team works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service veterinary department; their ethos is to help build veterinary capacity both in Kenya and also for veterinary students across the world.

Built as a family home more than fifty years ago, the property has the feeling of a luxurious yet cosy ranch. Matching the surroundings, the guest experience is equal parts high-end and homely.

There’s no schedule here, members of the team are at your disposal to craft daily itineraries that work for you… making it really feel like home.

Fred, who has worked with the family for over forty years, handles every aspect related to the client experience. This one-on-one service results in hospitality that is truly tailormade and meaningful.

Ol Jogi Verandha Lunch

Ol Jogi’s Head Ranger, Johnnie, is there to guide guests and take them out into the conservancy. This hands-on and intimate approach results in an incredibly personal experience; and the best way to take advantage of the natural wonders on your doorstep.

Dior tableware, vintage Hermes drapery and antique china are all part of the eccentric and whimsical fabric of day-to-day life. There’s a full room of the family’s silverware and dressers, filled with custom-made French glassware.

Spaces hint at glamorous parties during a wilder past. This family heritage and unique touches create a nuance and sense of personality and character that is impossible to mimic. A stay allows you the chance to understand the perspective of the owning family, and that authenticity has real beauty.

Ol Jogi Gerenuk Cottage

Truly unique and with personality in abundance, Ol Jogi will appeal to those who value independent properties with history, character and old-world charm. It’s the perfect spot for families or multi-generational groups looking to get away from it all and spend quality time together. Imagine the privacy of a private island villa vacation, but in the heart of the bush.

There is simply nowhere in Africa quite like it.

Ol Jogi View

Image credits: Thank you to Ol Jogi.

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