Destination Focus: Madagascar

Known as the land in a forgotten sea, Madagascar remains off-the-beaten-track in terms of African travel.

The fourth largest island on earth, and considered one of the greatest biodiversity regions in the world, Madagascar is home to incredible endemic wildlife across a wide range of untouched natural environments – ranging from rainforests to reefs. Over 85% of Madagascan plants and animals are found nowhere else on the planet, with 615 new species discovered over a 10-year period. Scenic destinations such as the Masoala Forest and Avenue of Baobabs are just a few of the unique natural highlights on offer.

Madagascar Experiences AMADI Baobab

A large country where logistics can be tricky, it is a destination that merits taking your time. A property that helps get around this issue is Miavana, a private island located just off the mainland coast in the north east of the country. Much more than a luxury beach resort, this can be considered a high-end safari lodge that happens to be located on a tropical island.

Miavana Madagascar

We recommend using Miavana as a very comfortable base from which to explore the north of the country. With the help of easy-to-execute helicopter excursions, take day trips to Tsingy Rouge –  a scenic formation of red laterite – Ankarana, a unique limestone landscape or Anjahakely, the place for lemur trekking.

Miavana Tsingy Rouge AMADI

On the island itself – a real nature’s paradise – younger guests will enjoy spotting chameleons and lemurs going about their days. Activities range from kite surfing, fishing and diving in marine-protected waters to time spent learning about their whale shark and sea turtle conservation projects. To get inspired, browse our Madagascar gallery below.

Miavana Madagascar
Miavana Madagascar
Helmet Vanga Madagascar AMADI
Miavana Madagascar
Kayaking Madagascar
Phelsuma Pusilla Gerard Leeuw Madagascar
Baobabs Madagascar Miavana
Humpback Whales Madagascar

Photo credits: Thank you to  Time + Tide and Wild Expeditions.

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