An Epic East African Adventure

I started AMADI to offer access; access to an Africa that I have personally experienced and want to share with others. Access to unique individuals, experiences and locations. Access whilst also creating positive impact, so that every trip is giving back to a continent that I respect, admire and care about, while creating memories that last a lifetime.

To give an idea of the kind of journeys we put together, I wanted to share a recent client trip that totally encapsulates AMADI’s raison d’etre.

Blending conservation, off-grid destinations, give-back and exclusive-use arrangements, this was a one-of-a-kind adventure. It’s not the kind of journey that can be found on Google or travel websites. Carefully crafted around the client’s wants, needs and desires, it combined specialist knowledge, years of experience, logistical complexity and a real sense of adventure. Here we pushed the boundaries of travel. The result was something truly extraordinary that I was excited to put together and proud to share with you.

The itinerary blended three main highlights of a trip to East Africa; gorillas, the great migration and Kenya’s northern Rift Valley; a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The trip started in Kigali, where the clients interacted with a genocide survivor to get a unique insight into the past and soaked up the vibrancy of Rwanda’s capital city. Adjacent to the country’s Volcanoes National Park, we then arranged backdoor access to the newly opened Ellen Degeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, so that they could spend time with gorilla researchers. 

This provided a background on the region’s gorilla conservation work and set the scene for adventures to come. Two days of trekking in the park allowed for incredible opportunities to witness sightings of gorillas and golden monkeys.

From Rwanda they then flew by private charter into the Maasai Mara, where they spent a few nights in a private mobile camp in a remote corner of the Mara. With no other camps in the area, privacy and exclusivity were guaranteed; they enjoyed being privately guided through the awe-inspiring site of 200,000 wildebeests… without another soul in sight.

The next stop was Northern Kenya, where they used Laikipa as a base to venture into the country’s Rift Valley and frontier north by private helicopter. Experiences included stopping on remote sand dunes, crater rims, flying over saline lakes teeming with flamingos and a night spent under the stars in a private fly camp on an island on Lake Turkana.

Other highlights ranged from flying through the peaks of Mount Kenya (5,000m above sea level) to visiting a rhino sanctuary to learn more about conservation efforts in the area.

To finish on a high, they spent the last night at the world-famous Giraffe Manor, where the resident herd of Rothschild giraffes are known to poke their heads through the windows in hope of treats. More than about luxury, our trips are about discovery and adventure; educating and informing guests while they enjoy incredible experiences across some of the world’s most exciting destinations.

Photo credits: Thanks to Giraffe Manor, Lowis & Leakey, Segera, Tropic Air, The Retreat Kigali and Wilderness Bisate.

If this has inspired you to learn more about AMADI or travel to Africa please get in touch with me directly on [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.