With a much-deserved comeback as one of southern Africa’s safari hotspots, Zimbabwe is home to abundant natural resources, arable tracks of land, pristine flora and fauna and five UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Two major rivers form the northern and southern boundaries of Zimbabwe: the great Zambezi River cutting along its northern line and the languid Limpopo River forming the southern border with South Africa. In between, the country has a rich variety of habitats, from the granite hills of the renowned Matopos to the mountains, lush woods and beautiful rivers of the Eastern Highlands.

Unmissable is Hwange Game Reserve and remote, untamed and ever-rewarding Mana Pools. There is much to attract the traveller, from wildlife viewing and adrenalin-pumping adventures to an introduction to the Zimbabwean people that goes back thousands of years at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. Ideally accessed via Victoria Falls – one of the Natural Wonders of the World, with air charter flights connecting the regions and camps from there. An enthralling destination charming each visitor who sets foot on its soil.

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