The driest country south of the Sahara, Namibia is known for its startling contrasts and arid deserts which give rise to unique plants and animals adapted to the harsh climate.

Straddling the Namib and Kalahari deserts, Namibia is celebrated for its vast open spaces, an infinite supply of blue skies,  sun-kissed weather and star-studded night skies. Several cultural influences have contributed to the country’s unique atmosphere. At various times Germany, Great Britain and South Africa governed the territory, however, it was with the eventual independence in 1990 that the country could develop its multicultural character and reinvent itself.

Be enchanted by the highest dunes in the world, the shipwreck-strewn Skeleton Coast, and the moon-like semi-desert Damaraland that is home to desert-adapted elephants and rhinos, and the remarkable welwitschia plants. The salt pans, thick vegetation and abundance of wildlife that is found within Etosha National Park. Ideal as a self-drive adventure or luxury fly-in destination, it is the norm not to see another vehicle or soul for hours while travelling here. A destination that speaks of geographical wonder and ultimate freedom.

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