Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is as unique as its animals with the majority of mammals, birds and plant species on the fourth largest island in the world, being endemic.

Madagascar lies only 400 km off Africa’s East African coast, yet is otherworldly with a landscape not comparable to any other. The bustling capital Antananarivo is the epitome of a cultural melting pot, blending European architecture with a laidback island lifestyle, and the Malagasy language with French cuisine. Explore Andasibe and Mantadia National Park just east of Antananarivo with the largest population and variety of lemurs, a plethora of birds, insects, reptiles and rare plant life and characterised by rainforests, lakes, rivers and mountains.

Experience a complete contrast in Bemaraha Tsingy National Park where limestone ‘tsingys’ create a surreal and prehistoric setting. Isalo National Park has open plains and towering rock formations, while Baobad Avenue in Morondava is likely the most picturesque conglomeration of these majestic trees you can find. Madagascar is undeniably a dream destination for naturalists and outdoors enthusiasts.

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