Best Books on Africa

We often get asked by our guests for a list of the best books to read on a trip to the African continent. This is a tricky question as the choice is so vast.

A quick Google will bring up a list of ‘classics’. Whilst we feel there is a place for them, we find that they are not a true representation of the great works found on the continent.

They tend to be vastly out of date and therefore don’t reflect modern Africa. They’re also predominately written by non-Africans, hence sidelining the enormous amount of native talent.

Finally, they tend to depict Africa as one destination, so don’t do justice to the complexities and nuances of this vast continent.

Therefore, we wanted to share our carefully curated list of recommended books – done the AMADI way.

The titles featured here span fiction and non-fiction and cover diverse topics such as conservation, the environment, history, myth, design, architecture and peoples and cultures.

Although you will find some timeless classics in our selection, most importantly, most are written by contemporary African authors – in order to provide authentic and meaningful insights. We hope they inspire you for your next trip to the continent.

We’ve curated similar lists for podcasts, documentaries and magazines, so look out for more recommendations coming soon.